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Hi, my name is Jennifer.  Mack Jackson Jr is a cyber security expert and business consultant.  He can address your understanding of Identity Theft and cyber crimes.  

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Mack Jackson Jr

Cyber Security Expert

Ask your questions on cyber security, Identity Theft and how it can affect your family and business.

MJ Computer Concepts Inc., is a cyber security firm that works with companies to mitigate the damages of Identity Theft. Our company provides educational programs that informs you on the fastest growing crimes in America.

Mack Jackson Jr. is an expert on Internet security systems and compliance. He brings increased security awareness to his audiences and communicates the importance of security measures in protecting your business. Mack will show you how to improve your security plan, data breaches and avoid legal hassles. His passion and personality will energize and inspire you to protect your information and his ability to make complicated information clear and understandable. He will help you keep your personal information safe online.

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